the hen house is a proud stockist of Farrow & Ball Paint & Wallpaper.

Farrow & Ball paints are born and bred in Dorset, England. They have resided there since John Farrow, and fellow paint pioneer, Richard Ball first founded the company in 1946. There is true alchemy to their paints. It’s the high levels of pigment, rich resin binders, and the high refractory nature of their key ingredients that produces their signature immersive depth of colour. 

           Here at the hen house we hold a large selection of colours & finishes in store.         However If we don't happen to have what you require in stock or if you need large quantities, we place an order twice a week, on a Monday at 4pm & this arrives on Wednesday at around 2pm  & also on a Wednesday at 4pm & this arrives on Friday at                                                         around 2pm (traffic permitting).                                                          To check stock or to place an order either call in at our store in Southwell or call us on 01636 812855.

Choosing colours can sometimes be overwhelming. Our in-home colour consultancy service will give you all the inspiration and advice you need to create the unique Farrow & Ball look, all in the comfort of your own home.  To book your appointment call us on 01636 812855.